snow days

saturday i made it to my first terps game (thanks, john!) which was great fun, even though duke won. m-a-r-y-l-a-n-d… go maryland! really reminded me of going to tech games as a kid with my granddad. by the time we walked out of the game, the snow was really coming down. i love how snow breeds camaraderie. everyone goes out wearing comfy clothes (snow flake long johns for me) and it’s almost like christmas.
team dude rollers (the soon to be champion sobo football team) discussed top secret plays at neighborhood bar crazy lil’s. we’re clearly a very intimidating bunch.

making snow angels is always a good idea, even at 2am. tumbling down the hill and potentially tearing your acl so you can’t walk home is never a good idea. right bryan? let’s hope team dude rollers doesn’t have to find a new quarterback…

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