wine & cheese 1

the third annual wine & cheese party was a raging success this year (though we really missed lily!) we probably have enough food and beverage left over to throw another party. i really wish i had a picture of susanne cooking up a storm. stuffed mushrooms and fried goat cheese balls over spinach? YUM. thanks to everyone that came. you made it a special night. to those that couldn’t make it, you were missed.

we’ll do this in two parts… saturday and sunday. these pics are from the saturday bunch.

in the first pic we have drew, christy, anna, jason, and mckenzie. these girls and their dates are really lovely people. jason has an awesome australian accent.

next we have a group of balmer ladies: megan, daley, tiffany, and christina. if they ask where you went to school, they mean high school (not college) because that’s important here.

this third pic is the first group of friends i ever made here: michael, mike, mollie, rachel, and allison. mollie is about to leave our lovely city for some colorado fresh air. can’t say i blame her, but b’more will never be the same!

last, but not least, my dear friend farhan. during our first few weeks of life in charm city, we used to sit on the floor and share a tv tray while eating dinner. we’ve come a long way.

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