gl 3 thugs

i’m still collecting pics from this weekend’s fabulous adventures, so i’ll post this one instead that my dear freshman (who is now a senior graduating thursday) sent to me (thanks assaba!!!)most of you already know i was a dorm counselor my senior year of college… one of my most rewarding experiences ever. so much so that i still think about one day pursuing a career as dean of freshmen. i had the best hall with 14 wonderful women who i still care a lot about. we called ourselves the “gl 3 thugs” (you don’t need to know why) and they all still call me “dc” even when i’m not around… i mean, i’m never around anymore anyway. so all the thugs (minus dc) had a reunion last week. i think it’s pretty special that these girls all got together… it says something about the kind of hall we had. dc love to my thugs!

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