sometimes i think my life is more dramatic than the average joe (or jane), to the point where i often ask myself if perhaps i’m creating my own drama. but usually it’s out of my control. i’ll take responsibility for some, but not all. this weekend was highly dramatic, and not on account of my own doing.

so i went on a blind-ish date friday night. my good friend (and her MOM) set it up, so i felt pretty safe… though this was the first blind-ish date i’d ever been on. now, before you go jumping to conclusions, let me just go ahead and say that the drama is neither a product of the guy. in fact, the guy is pretty darn cool. and let me also say that i’m safe, so no worries there. here’s how it went down…

blind-date-bob and i were hanging out sunday night in his neighborhood, not far from my neighborhood. we’d been listening to live irish tunes and enjoying the local color. totally chill, totally normal evening. it was late, so bob walked me to my car. i then drove him back to his house, with the top down (convertible) because the weather was perfect. we were sitting in my car in front of his house when some random dude walked up and looked at us both. bob acknowledged his presence and then we looked at each other like, ‘what’s that guy’s deal?’ the guy then walked to the back of my car, called someone on his cell, described my car (including my plates!) and hung up the phone. strange, yes. THEN the guy walked to the passenger side of the car, reached over the window (remember, the top is down) and starts punching bob in the face!!! WHAT?! i started screaming and was too stunned to do anything for about 5 seconds, then realized my car was in drive, pressed the accelerator and drove off. my-heart-was-racing. bob was fine… the guy really didn’t have a good angle trying to punch from over the car. still, i was scared. (am scared). we circled the block, i dropped bob off, got home safely, etc.

in hindsight, clearly i should have called the cops. no worries, i’m reporting it tonight when i get home. another lesson learned, don’t drive around b’more with the top down at night. i think i’ll feel better after talking to the po-po, but in the mean time i am quite shaken.


6 thoughts on “drama

  1. E1st says:

    I’m sorry that no one has paid attention to your story so far. I read it. It is noteworthy, and worth a comment. At least one.

  2. lauren says:

    no worries eric. most peeps just called me after reading it. but i DO live for comments… thanks man.

  3. E1st says:

    Roughly two people comment on my website. Sure, they comment most every day, but there was a time when new and disconcerting stalkers would materialize out of thin air, only to disappear just as quickly.Here’s what I would have said if I called, “Oh my God, are you OK?” Only I would have squealed “OK!?”That’s why I didn’t call. Well that and there’s no precedent. I don’t want to have to call someone every time there is an attempted car jacking.

  4. Meredith says:

    Lauren!!! What in the heck! Give me an update. What was the deal!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Any updates after calling the police?

  6. lauren says:

    the police basically said filing a report would be futile, but i felt better after talking to them. and then bob taught me to play chess.

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