odds and ends

i apologize for the sporadic posting of late, but between work, school, interviews at divinity schools and getting ready for missionary candidate school next week… something has to give.

i leave for denver sunday and will be there all week. super psyched. when i return, i should have a much better sense of whether i’m cut out to be a missionary and whether benin is my next home. exciting, eh?

the only slightly entertaining occurrence this week was a potentially awkward situation at church. my brother thought it was pretty ridiculous, so i’ll share the story… realizing all parties involved will figure out i blogged about them after the fact… and i’m trusting they’ll be okay with that.

so, you know, there’s the guy i dated this summer that was party to my earlier trip to the hospital. we’ll call him mike. and there’s the guy i went on that blindish date with that almost got mugged. we’ll call him bob. mike and i are still best buddies because we’re weird like that. bob and i still hang out because we’re cool like that.

my church did this great class wednesday night on freud vs. c.s. lewis on sex and happiness. my pastor is a fun teacher, and mike and i had planned in advance to go to the class. my friend carolyn (the match maker) was also going to meet us at the class and mentioned it to bob. i seconded her invite. i loooove inviting people to church. based on my average invitation acceptance rate, i didn’t actually expect bob to go, especially on short notice. the invitation was sincere, though, as always. indeed, bob said he couldn’t go. but carolyn called as i was heading out the door to meet mike to say that actually, yes, bob would be there. soooo. mike, meet bob. bob, meet mike. not that big of a deal since both peeps are so chill, but sitting in between the two while my pastor talked about sex was not exactly my idea of the most comfortable situation.

and that’s my story.

2 thoughts on “odds and ends

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was hoping for a hotter ending to that story… no fights about who got to what base, etc?

  2. lauren says:

    dear anonymous, of course not. i am a lady.

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