boss brownie points

okay, so nobody loves their boss, even if they like him fine, but mine got 3 brownie points yesterday.

1) he let me testify before the house ways & means committee on hb 47, exempting local gov’ts from 50% of the diesel motor fuel tax when purchasing biodiesel. when the chairman called my name, fred leaned over and said “go get ’em, tiger.” and i did. it was awesome.

2) he took me to a really yummy french restaurant for lunch. i had the mahi mahi.

3) he checked the air pressure on my tires after i mentioned they looked a little low. low indeed! they were at 15!! i was like, “is that bad? i’ll fix it sometime this next week” (knowing i’d have to find a guy friend to show me how). fred said, “you got your keys? get in the car.” and we drove to a service station where i got my first lesson on how to air my tires. i was soooo grateful this morning as i drove past someone with a blown-out tire. that could have been me!

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