i got some pretty quizzical looks every time i told someone i was going to croquet this weekend. saturday was the 25th annual croquet match between st. john’s college (the johnnies) and the naval academy (the midshipmen). it is quite the event. the sjc choir sings, the naval academy band plays, tents are erected on the parameter complete with chandeliers and fountains of champagne or lemonade.
thousands attend, mostly decked with seer sucker, sun dresses, hats and parasols. it’s similar to the foxfield horse races, in that no one actually pays attention to the competition at hand… it’s purely social. the midshipmen donned their crisp white uniforms, complete with varsity letter sweaters, while the johnnies dressed like bruce springstein. right. regardless of attire, the johnnies schooled the midshipmen as usual. lovely.

One thought on “croquet

  1. Brian L says:

    Looks like a really culturally and economically diverse crowd. I’ll bet that this is what Benin will be like.

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