i feel compelled to respond to brian’s comment on my previous post (brian… you know i’ve got nothing but love for you…) while i’m sure i won’t see the likes of last weekend’s croquet match in benin, to imply that the event lacks cultural and economic diversity really misses the mark. first, it’s free. and while some wealthy alumni may put out a fancy spread (which they share with everyone) the bulk of us sit on blankets eating sandwiches. culturally, it is a seriously diverse group. i’ll be honest… johnnies can be a little weird. they are anything but cookie cutter. where else would you find seer sucker, tie die, a game of magic, and an ugly yellow top hat… all on one blanket? on my way to class on monday, i stumbled upon a group of johnnies reading, one in a speedo. my point being, diversity isn’t just about the color of your skin, nor is culture. and when i’m the only blond at an event in benin, somehow i don’t think i’ll be concerned about the over abundance or lack of diversity. maybe i’m missing the point of your comment, brian, but at least it gives me an excuse to post the pic of the classics-reading speedo-wearing johnnie.

3 thoughts on “diversity

  1. Alexandre says:

    Oh snap! Brian got slanged, ya’erd!

  2. Brian L says:

    Did I get “slanged”? What does that mean? In response I’ll say this – my comment (which you know was intended only as a funny quip) was not intended to impune St. Johns good name. It’s just that when I played Where’s Waldo with that big panoramic crowd shot Lauren’s got posted I could not find one non-white person in the entire crowd. Also, no one there looks like they’re hurting for money. S’all. Doesn’t make them bad people or anything – it’s just an event that only white people wanted to go to. S’okay. I mean, ever been to a hockey game? Same thing. Now – go to a street hoops tournament in Harlem and count the asians in attendance. What I’m saying it – only white people like to gather around while other people play croquet. There, I said it!

  3. lauren says:

    yes, merely a quip. no worries. the school has been having lots of diversity talks this year…

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