cross dressing, what?

so, peeps at salsa have been talking for a few weeks about having an “exhibition.” i had some idea of what that would look like, but maaan, was i wrong. we arrived to watch a movie. what? i paid money to dance, not watch a movie! but it was actually a great film about a french musician who left the conservatory to follow his passion (salsa, of course) and found love. after that we were all in the mood for some dancing… will this bring me romance? oooh, that’s a different post.

after a few dances, we took our seats and prepared to watch what i had been anticipating. 3 guys and 3 women had been practicing a group dance. cool, right? the surprise, though, was when the men walked out wearing drag. what? the thing is, though, homosexuality is nonexistent here. at least it’s illegal. so men wearing drag isn’t anything but… funny. it’s not a bit suggestive.

so here are some pics of my guy friends wearing drag. never thought i’d say that on laurenlaughs! and of me dancing with romeo… simply because i’m a little shocked about how long my hair is.

click here for more salsa pics.


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