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i’m going through matches about as fast as i go through a bag of m&m’s. i try to shoot ’em down before they even get a chance to look at my profile. that’s because eHarmony, in it’s infinite match-making wisdom, keeps setting me up with crazy fundamentalist types. i mean, were i to date a guy, i’d like him to be a Christian. definitely. but where are the normal Christians?

okay there is one that contacted me. he actually skipped past all the cheesy questions in “guided communication” and requested “fast track” so we could go straight to emailing. i was a little wary to accept his fast track request, but then decided it’s all part of the experiment, so i gave it a shot. he’d actually sent me a nice email, saying that he, as a minister/professor, understood what i meant in my profile when i talked about wishing people didn’t get weirded out when i tell them i’m a youth minister… that they start rewinding the conversation we’ve just had in their heads, trying to remember if they’ve said anything incriminating. the subject heading of his email was “beer and jesus.” he said that when he encounters that situation, he invites the person to talk more over a cold beer, and then they usually chill out a bit.

that’s todays update. also, i will say, this is slightly time consuming.

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