awkward silences

alright. let me explain “guided communication” on eharmony.

step 1: guy sends me 4 pre-fabricated multiple choice eharmony questions (i never instigate conversation… call me old fashioned).

step 2: i answer 4 questions and respond with 5 pre-fab questions.

step 3: guy answers my questions

step 4: i send “must haves/can’t stands” or “mhcs” in eharmony speak (yes, they have their own language).

step 5: he sends his mhcs.

step 6: i send 3 questions that i actually get to make up myself…

and that’s as far as i’ve gotten… because 2 guys have yet to answer my questions. i think this is the one that stumps them:

how do you feel about homosexuality? a member of my family is gay. it’s hard for me to wrap my head around at times, but i love this person dearly. just thought i’d put that out there.

one of the guys hasn’t responded in almost 2 weeks. i only blindsided the other guy just yesterday. and the jeopardy theme song plays on…

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