1 down, 2 to go

well i’ve exhausted the first month of my eharmony membership. i only paid for 3, and i’m not keen on renewing. so 2 months to go before i’m back to… more of the same… ie: not dating. but i’m okay with that.

perhaps that’s the problem? i mean, if asking authentic questions gets you nothing but crickets, maybe this kind of thing is meant for peeps that are SO eager to date, that authenticity falls by the wayside. i think eharmony doesn’t really jive with my M.O.

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6 thoughts on “1 down, 2 to go

  1. suzz says:

    let me just say, as someone who really does believe in online dating as a way to meet and eventually marry people– eharmony sucks. big time. what are you doing?? you need to find a sight where the people you’d want to date also are. and for the record, most of the people i know hate eharmony. it tends to attract fundamentalist people. like, the kind of people who wouldn’t answer your thoughtful question about homosexuality, b/c they are homophobic. i’m just sayin’.

  2. lauren says:

    you may have a good point there, suzz, but i thought i DID choose a good site b/c eharmony prioritizes faith compatibility, which i prioritize too. i wish “christian” and “fundamentalist” weren’t synonymous, and i don’t think they are, but maybe so in eharmony world. onion next?or just offline old fashioned stuff instead 🙂

  3. suzz says:

    onion next. slowly. it took 7 months for ryan to find my profile. and it was hidden for about 3 of those months. so be patient. and i advise you to meet the people QUICKLY. having a lot of online conversations can make it awkward to finally meet them in person. 2-3 email exchanges tops. put on your profile that faith matters to you, and you are looking for someone whose faith matters to them. that’ll help.

  4. lauren says:

    thanks coach. ps it’s friggin hilarious that we only communicate via blog comments and superpoking… miss you!

  5. lauren says:

    seen ads for it in email… but thought that would be even more conservative than eharmony. really, i think i’m just not cut out for the online thing.

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