cat’s out of the bag

i got a response. and i think it was more than reasonable. and that’s all i’ll say about that because it’s really not fair for me to broadcast some guy’s thoughts on homosexuality, right? it’s not his blog.

but it is mine, so i will tell you what he asked me in response, and how i answered (and then you’ll know why the cat is indeed out of the bag).

1. What are some things you’ve done for fun in your free time over the last few weeks? (doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just an snapshot of what you do for fun)
I’m headed out to grill with some friends now, went to a movie with girlfriends last night, high school football game Friday (that’s job related, but fun too), dinner with friends Thursday night, and I was in South Africa the week before that. Fun usually involves eating, drinking, or something active (like wall climbing or salsa dancing). I like to be with my friends. If I’m alone, I read for for fun too.
(note: just to keep things honest, i didn’t actually grill out tonight, but had cheese and crackers with friends instead. and i don’t wall climb often, but it’s an example of “something active” and i would go more often if i could.)

2. Describe your spirituality.
That’s broad. My relationship with God is very important to me and informs just about everything I do. I read the Bible and journal (pray) every morning. Not because I think that’s how “spirituality” ought to be done, but because it feeds me. I’m enrolled in a theology class, which I enjoy. I also have a lot of non- “spiritual” friends, which I also enjoy. Both challenge me in very meaningful ways, and both keep me growing and authentic. I think spirituality is personal, but it’s not something I’m reluctant to share in the least.

** and here’s the kicker! **

3. Why did you join eHarmony?
Honestly, some friends and I decided it would be funny for me to give it a 3 month trial and then blog about it. That said, it’s something I’ve taken seriously, as it wouldn’t be an honest “try” otherwise. I do desire to be in a meaningful relationship, but I thought surely eharmony would take the fun and romance out of dating… so this experiment of sorts helped me to take the plunge. I suppose you can google me now.

wonder if that’ll get me dumped?

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