pablo peters out

seems the pablo story ends before it really begins.

see, i was at lunch with a girlfriend and guyfriend from work. we’ll call them lindsay and tim (since those are indeed their names). i was updating them on the latest in the eharmony saga. oddly enough, both of them were “familiar” with eharmony already. i’m telling you, it’s everywhere!


when i mentioned i was in “open communication” (ie: emailing) with this new guy, lindsay said, “huh… what’s his name?”

i said, “well his profile says *pablo* but he signs his emails *brad*” (just go with the made up names).

lindsay’s eyes just about bugged out of her head, “don’t talk to him!”

“you know him?”

“i told you i’d tried eharmony before!” she gave me a few reasons to steer clear of pablo… so that’s that.

small world.

i just emailed pablo to say, sorry man, but you’ve been matched with one of my friends, and i’ve got to bail.

another one bites the dust.

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