family night

i have so many pictures from this weekend, it’s hard to know what to post. the following pics are from dinner saturday night at the johnston’s casa. i may add more later once i see the pics uncle ben took. he’s much better at this than i am! this is me with my great aunt betty doris. she’s my “friend in faith” and checks my blog regularly. she’ll make you laugh till your sides hurt. (love you, betty doris!) here we have cousin bev, her friend zac, cousin blake and little bro pierce. pierce is actually making fun of the cheerleading pose i did in high school. dufus. this is lily… the youngest cuz. she’s a broncos fan, but also loves her mickey mouse ears. uncle danny also loves lily’s mickey mouse ears. and last, but not least… this is me with my granddaddy. not only is he handsome, but he also has perfect attendance at rotary for a ridiculous number of years (46.5 to be exact).

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