shout out to a marine

this is my friend garreth. we went to college together, and he’s cool. a great leader with a real heart for people and a way with words. he’s in iraq now and has been for several weeks. he’s the only friend that i know of serving in iraq, and i’m really proud of the work he’s doing.

garreth is in charge of a 60 man platoon of marines, soldiers, and staff sergeants… currently the largest platoon in his battalion. i’m writing this as if i know what i’m talking about, but i don’t really. i had to reference his emails just to make sure i got the facts straight.

i’d post his command philosophy (because it is pretty amazing to read) but i a) don’t know what he would think of that, and b) think it may be too much text for all you short attention span-ers. just wanted you to have a face to put with all those “support our troops” bumper stickers. i’m glad garreth is looking out for me.

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