meet ray

my office had a gift exchange last christmas… the kind where you can trade for what you think is a better gift but you can also get the crappy gift if you’re not careful. the game takes a lot of strategy. well i picked ray (actually, ray came with a friend named spot… but he didn’t last long). luckily no one else in the office tried to take ray from me… probably because they’d hate to squelch the look of elation on my face. ray is mostly orange with some black accents. for a while he had a black spot on his side and a cute little black mustache… but now he’s back to being mostly orange with just black tips on his tail. i guess he’s a little chameleon. everyone in the office loves ray. people come by to talk to him on a regular basis. if i’m out of the office, several people feed him several times a day (making his water very dirty), and folks have been known to come in and adjust my window shades to make sure he’s getting enough light, etc. ray loves to swim around and make bubble noises. he’s a very happy fish. a big thanks to suze for being cool enough to come up with the idea of bringing fishies to a gift exchange in the first place. ray is the gift that keeps on giving!

One thought on “meet ray

  1. Susan says:

    Yeah Ray!!! You are the best fish ever. They say you have to leave a legacy when you go. Swim on Ray! You the man..I mean fish!

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