dude rollers victorious!!!

after a long and grueling season of loss after loss after loss… shouts of victory rang out from riverside park saturday morning. the other team was so intimidated, they didn’t even show up to play. yes, our one win of the season was from forfeit. minor details. our record: 1-7. but we’re dedicated. and next season will be a winning season. we all celebrated the big W at michelle and erin’s preppy popped collar taco party. delicious. well done, ladies.

2 thoughts on “dude rollers victorious!!!

  1. Susan says:

    It must have been the awesome breakfast you had in Annapolis that inspired the victory!! Didn’t I tell you that I thought you would win your last game!!! Go Dude rollers!

  2. lauren says:

    yeah, i think it was that one bite of your huge oatmeal platter that sealed the deal…

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