salt and light

God is light, but He calls us to be light too… and salt. in chapter 5 of matthew, verses 13 and 14, Jesus tells the crowds, “you are the salt of the earth… you are the light of the world.” were the people Jesus spoke to really living as the salt and light of the world? probably not. Jesus spoke to humanity, the good and the bad. but Jesus could see something in these people and He sees something in us as well. it is our potential. in calling the people salt and light, He was not evaluating them but encouraging them. He was speaking to their potential, and ours as well. “you are the light of the world…” this is what we are called to be. and we’re capable of answering and living that call. if God sees the potential there, then it’s there… we are created in His image. have faith in the potential God has granted you… be light of the world.

and just as God sees potential in us and calls it out, we can encourage one another to realize the potential granted us. this doesn’t mean we should go around telling people what we think they should be or take one another on as projects. but we can speak to one another and treat one another with the potential we see in one another in mind. we can reflect back the light we see in our friends so that they may see their own light as well.

“treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.”

2 thoughts on “salt and light

  1. lauren says:

    i should mention this entry is in response to reading chapter 9 of andy stanley’s visioneering.

  2. Christina says:

    Wow~ The Goethe quote really sums this concept up so well.What an excellent call to action and love.

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