errr… doctors

so i’ve been sick a lot this winter/spring. and for no apparent reason. i eat healthy (okay, except for the number of quesadillas i fix for dinner each week, but breakfast and lunch are much better), i take vitamins, i don’t party too hard (it’s relative, i know), i work out regularly. maybe i should sleep just a little more. but it’s not like i’m doing cartwheels at work… i don’t need that much rest!

anyway, i’m sick. again. and i finally caved and went to the doctor. i thought, ‘maybe she’ll figure out all my illness is connected and she’ll tell me how to fix it… maybe she’ll take a holistic approach this time.’ but deep down, i already knew the answer. i knew she’d ignore my previous symptoms. i knew she’d treat only what was right in front of her. i knew she’d send me home with a z-pac. and that’s exactly what happened. she said the average person gets sick 6 times a year. (since when am i average?) she said allergy season is much worse this year than ever before. whatever. that was a waste of a $15 copay for sure.

so tomorrow i’m trying a new approach. acupuncture. considering my fear of needles, it promises to be a good time.

2 thoughts on “errr… doctors

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hate to say it Lau but air quality in Anne Arundal and B’more is some of the worst in the country. Allergies, asthma and respiratory infections are MUCH more likely here than in Lex ot Tex. Could be the culprit. Not that I want you to move, but take it easy on ozone days and fight the polluters (coal fired power plants with no advanced technology thanks to this administration and New Source Review) for a long term fix. – Susan

  2. lauren says:

    round one: suze 1gov 0ding ding!

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