bits and pieces

i’m all over the place today, so here’s a little update…

i got to see my brother pierce this weekend. he’s at camp for the summer as a counselor. i used to love being a camp counselor (though the washington post clearly thought this was a strike against me). it was great to be in the mountains, put my feet in the creek, and sit on an old southern porch while catching up with my little bro. he’s one of my favorite people. this pic is a year old, but you can tell there’s a lot of love.

travel update: there’s a slight snafu in my flight to pakistan. cross your fingers and say your prayers that the situation is resolved SOON!

birthday shout out: mollie has blessed the world with her presence for a quarter of a century. yay mollie!

new digs: i moved into a new office. it’s bigger, has more windows, and the lady in the office next to me yells things like “numb nuts!” for no apparent reason. good times.

One thought on “bits and pieces

  1. Anonymous says:

    Being the former occupant of that office. “Numb Nuts” is quite tame for her. Enjoy the new digs. Watch out for ants on teh window sill

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