farhan seals the deal

farhan’s nika was on a hot monday morning at this lovely mosque not too far from his house. the nika ceremony is when the bride and groom sign the marriage contract. farhan went into the mosque a single man, and walked out a married man.

the women and men are separated in the mosque. we all gathered in one room with roohi, who seemed pretty calm about the whole thing. she’s super cool. the ceremony began and her dad and an attorney and a religious leader walked in and read the marriage contract to roohi, which she agreed to. the men walked out, went to farhan and said a bunch of things in arabic that i couldn’t understand, and then farhan too agreed to the contract. presto-change-oh… the two are married! farhan was then brought into the room with all the women where he sat next to roohi and the two of them had to do a number of things. in this picture they’re both covered and then they look into a mirror to see each others reflection. this is supposed to be the first way they see one another, but of course that wasn’t really the case. anyway, it was a nice touch. what people couldn’t see was that the newly weds were actually playing footsie in the mosque… ah! like i said, roohi is super cool.

so while all of this is very exciting, i was having a little pity party for myself. i typically cry at weddings, and this was no different. but this time my tears were in part because it became very real to me that i was going to have to share farhan with someone else! i mean, i’m a sharing person… and technically i’ve been sharing farhan all along. but he’s like my brother. and you know how that familial bond is a little different. plus, this was the onset of my paki illness, though i didn’t realize it at the time. so yeah. while i’m smiling in this pic, there was a lot of pouting going on too. i’m just being honest. the bonus, of course, is that i get to chill with roohi now too… which makes it all worthwhile. not that this is about me…

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