birthday break

i’ve been mia for a week, but for good reason. lau’s birthday season is in full force. this calls for a break from the karachi chronicles, which will recommence shortly.

the birthday shenanigans began friday night with a federal hill style block party. tons of peeps joined in to celebrate 4 birthdays, an engagement, a housewarming… lots of reasons to party it up. i only got to see about 1/4 of the people there, so i’m sorry if you attended and i missed you. here’s a pic of me, tim and carolyn. note: i chopped my hair off.

the fun continued saturday with a retreat at northbay (on maryland/delaware border) complete with my first ropes course experience. even though i’m scared of heights, i totally got a kick out of playing in the trees way up off the ground. i did get some major rope burn that looks absolutely disgusting on the back of my leg, but i think i fared pretty well otherwise. i will say my arms felt like jello the following day. i wonder what happens when you fall…

sunday i went to lex for some emergency tlc (family is goooood) and some much needed time spent reading and napping in the hammock on dad’s porch. it rained monday and tuesday mornings. hammock + rain + book + mountains = heaven on earth. monday i was thrilled to spend some time with college mentor laura and college pastor bill. monday night my favorite prof eduardo and his lovely family joined us for birthday dinner. my bro pierce also dropped in after learning i had snuck into town. pictured is eduardo’s daughter eliana getting kisses from our puppy anna belle.

tuesday i made the trek back to b’more feeling a bit more like myself, though a year older of course. farhan and roohi are back stateside, so they took me to dinner… followed by yummy homemade birthday cake at brian and erin’s place. i know everyone thinks they have good friends, but mine are really the best.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i love your hair!MOM

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