my new baby

it’s been about two weeks, but i didn’t post the news because i was waiting on a pic to show you the latest object of my affection. meet lucinda. (that would be the guitar… the guy hiding behind the guitar would be adam… you can’t hide from the blog, dude.)

i shopped for a guitar earlier this summer, but nothing clicked. after returning from karachi, the need for my own instrument grew ever pressing. i was a woman on a mission. mike came along for moral support, which i really needed. we walked in and spotted a few options, though i was too intimidated to play while some old guy rocked out on slide guitar close by. i was off to a rough start. then a sales clerk walked up and offered to play for me so i could listen for the tone i was looking for. i explained that i wanted a small body guitar, but not so small that it sounded brassy. he was very helpful and found several that i was okay with. then, he handed me lucinda. she was beautiful. she fit in my arms perfectly. her deep tone went straight to my heart. reluctantly, i looked at the price. totally in my range… on the lower end of my range, even. that’s when i took a closer look and found she looked pretty worn on the back and neck. just love marks. nothing that would jeopardize the musicality of the instrument. i asked the handy sales clerk if he could throw in a case? yes. strap? yes. chord? yes. picks? yes. can i choose my own color of picks? yes. can mike have one too? yes. can i have a moment alone? okay. we called erin and brian for back-up, who checked online to confirm this was indeed a good deal. fully confident, i handed the sales clerk my card and brought lucinda home. no buyer’s remorse. just true love. one step closer to being on stage… kidding. or not.

2 thoughts on “my new baby

  1. Brian Levite says:

    Congrats Lauren! I just added an electric ax to accompany my cheap as dirt accoustic. We gotta get together and jam out, yo.

  2. lauren says:

    it’ll be months before i’m jam worthy, but i’ll work on it…

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