top secret update

i realize there is a risk in posting this, but i’m trusting none of you will call my boss and give him the news. after all, it’s not really news yet. just potential news.

i’ve applied for 3 jobs in benin (hence the previous post where i failed to mention that benin is next to nigeria too… not just togo). one position would be training adults on job search skills, one would be training village women on health and hygiene, and one would be training students on HIV/AIDS. the latter two are my faves because i love working with women and students.

so i had my phone interview yesterday, which amounted to a very cool, comfortable and exciting conversation. i think we all felt good about it. i have been tentatively invited to candidate school in denver in two weeks (pending my references) and that too is very cool. not only will i get to see my friend mollie (holla!), but i’ll also get to meet people that are passionate about the same things i love, and i know i will learn a lot about myself and this particular ministry. what’s been truly amazing is all the support from friends, family, school, work (the few peeps that know), my church… the list goes on. it’s hard not to get too excited and put the cart before the horse. in my head i’m already packing.

but there is a down side to all this… and that’s leaving my friends behind. granted, that’s a long ways off and may not even happen. but i at least wanted to let you all know that i do think about how hard that would be.

so that’s the scoop! (hope that answers your comment, michael).


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