holy harley

last week i went to denver for missionary candidate school. it was great to see those colorado blue skies and snow capped mountains. the weather was perfect and i took several naps on the grass (because naps in the grass are almost as soothing to my soul as naps in a hammock).

both the leaders with youth for christ (yfc) and the other candidates were truly amazing people. i wasn’t really sure what to expect, but i can now say these are people i care a lot about. so… will i be a missionary? on my way to benin? good question. first yfc has to invite me, then i have to respond. there’s a lot to think/pray about between now and then. but i at least know that i won’t be leaving before june, so yes, that means i’ll finish my degree at st. john’s first. mark your calendars for may 19 for a hot graduation in annapolis.

one of the cool things about colorado is that you don’t have to wear a helmet. maybe that’s not cool if you crash, but i enjoyed riding around on royal’s harley with the wind in my face and hair. ahhh… even more refreshing than my convertible. which brings me to the point of transportation in benin. one of the things i had to budget for was a moped. personally, i think that’s way cool. if you come visit, i’ll take you for a spin. on my moped.

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