anna’s beau jason is in town (from australia) so we decided to have a girls’ (plus boyfriends) night at pazo. yummmm. we had a ton of great spanish food… though i think the boys would probably disagree with the term “ton” since i’ve never heard a guy say he’s full after eating at a tapas restaurant. just look at this classy group of chicas. we stopped by anna’s later, where various people had left halloween paraphernalia from last month’s costume party. like this viking hat. good times. i’m going to be sad when anna moves to australia next month.

2 thoughts on “pazo

  1. Angella C. says:

    Lauren,Hey! Remember me from Candidate School? I just figured out that I could leave you a comment without having a Blogger account of my own. (A little slow I guess!). Anyway, I have been checking your blog periodically since we got home and have enjoyed “keeping up” with you that way. I was excited to see that you decided to say yes to becoming a missionary. Tim and I made the same decision. We are in full support-raising mode now.Anyway, this is too long. Just wanted you to know that I was reading. Take care!Angella

  2. lauren says:

    angella! thanks for being a loyal blog reader:) you need to start your own so i can follow your adventures “somewhere in europe, probably germany” soon. YAY support raising! lets catch up…

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