preceptorial bliss

preceptorial = the elective class lauren take’s at st. john’s each term.

johnnies had two good reasons to celebrate last night. 1) precep papers were due. this is the biggest paper of the term (and the only grade in that particular kind of class), so the end-of-term frenzy is now over. still one week of school, but the vibe is much more chill post paper. 2) we received our precep assignments for next term (those of us that are returning). this is like bid day, if you’re familiar with the greek system. a few weeks ago i got a list of electives and ranked my choices 1 to 6. last night the magic envelope in my school mail box revealed the following: “you have been assigned to the spring 2007 preceptorial on montesquieu’s persian letters and the spirit of the laws.” i’m psyched. this was my first choice because the tutor is supposed to be awesome, montesquieu has influenced other writers i enjoy and it’ll be a good way to practice my french in preparation for benin.

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