a new kind of christmas

this was my first christmas without both parents present. i wasn’t sure what to expect and i worried it wouldn’t feel much like christmas at all, but with the help of my “extended” family this christmas was actually very special. christmas eve was spent mostly at mom’s house with pierce and bob. the four of us went to midnight mass where we met up with farhan and roohi. after singing all my favorite christmas hymns (including all the harmonies… i was that girl…) i left church feeling very christmas-y indeed. christmas morning i made an apple tart with over-the-phone tutelage from dad, and i also talked to my brother stephen who was skiing out west… rather, i sang our favorite raffi christmas song to him 🙂 mom made an amazing christmas lunch and we were joined by farhan, roohi and bob. farhan and roohi brought a delicious pakistani dessert that was like creamy sweet spaghetti with dates. mmm. bob and i then left to pick up his sister christine and her boyfriend ben who popped into town for dinner with bob’s uncle bob, granddad paul, and others (deborah, jack and liz). deborah too fixed an awesome meal, paul recited a LOT of poetry from memory (very impressive), and the rest of us recited a few things or jammed a bit. a talent show of sorts. new christmas tradition? uncle bob bought us all books and made very personal selections. i can now add kipling’s kim to my reading list. bob now has a copy of machiavelli’s prince, which is convenient since i’ll be revisiting machiavelli this term for class. it’s nice when you can talk homework with your beau. so pictured are farhan, roohi, mom and pierce at lunch… ben on drums and jack on guitar after dinner… and bob with christine and the family robotic pet. good times.

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