buy a truck, get free boots

one of the dealerships down here has a deal… buy a new ford truck, get a free pair of boots. only in tx.

this pic of me with my great grandmother dorie is actually from 2 years ago, but it’ll put a face with a name for you. yesterday i spent over two hours talking to dorie, who will be 101 on march 23. knowing this could very well be the last time i see her, i’m trying to think of a new question to ask her every day. yesterday i asked how she met my great grandfather, brownie. (his name was charles… thus charlie brown… thus brownie). brownie and his family traveled in a covered wagon to roswell, tx. they actually shot squirrels and cooked biscuits in an iron skillet over an open flame (fueled by cow dung). brownie was in 5th grade when dorie first met him. she was a year ahead of him in school, and though all the other girls thought he was cute, she thought the purple and orange plaid shirt he was wearing was horrendous. brownie picked up a job cleaning up the school to help out his family. while dorie waited for her parents to pick her up from school, she and brownie would talk and eventually became friends. there’s a lot more to the story i’ll leave out. but brownie really started courting dorie while she was in college (yes, my great grandmother went to college). one day brownie and dorie were sitting in the back of her parents car on the way home from church when brownie said to dorie’s dad, “dorie and i would like to get married.” the car suddenly lurched forward as dorie’s dad accidentally slammed on the gas. he said nothing. brownie waited a few minutes and said again, “dorie and i want to get married…” dorie’s dad finally said brownie cold marry his daughter once he had saved $100. it took brownie a year to do so.

2 thoughts on “buy a truck, get free boots

  1. Anonymous says:

    i have never heard that story! i guess i never asked. thank you for asking.MOM

  2. Crissy says:

    That’s a wonderful story. Don’t you wish things could be that simple today. I remember sitting around the dining room table with my Gigi (great-grandmother) and hearing all the wonderful stories of her youth in Germany. Enjoy this special time with her!

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