virginia is for lovers

there was lots of love in va this weekend, starting with a quick trip to richmond and 4am laughs with chris, an even quicker trip to hampden-sydney college for lunch with my baby bro pierce, three home cooked meals at my mom’s new apartment in lex (so cute), and a really special fundraising event at my dad’s with 40 supportive lexingtonians. dad cooked all the food (crab cakes, jalapeno cheese grits, shrimp, blanched beans, creme brulee… etc), rockbridge vineyard served wine, the weather was perfect and i had the most lovely time catching up with adults that have been part of my life since i moved to lex over 10 years ago. it felt a lot like a wedding party, minus the groom. the coolest part was sharing about my heart for africa and getting so much encouragement in return. even stephen said he was proud of me (possibly the highlight of my weekend). pictured are pierce, me, dad and stephen.

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