benin or bust

so much to post from this weekend, but i’ll just start with the going away/support raising party susanne and laurel hosted at metro friday night. chef tony donated all the food. and i don’t mean the restaurant donated the food, but chef tony himself. so generous. very cool. i’m going to miss being a regular there. i never did a head count, but 50-ish people came out… including peeps from new york, annapolis, dc and virginia. hopefully they felt it was worth the drive. i think they did. these are my favorite pics from the event, though you can see more on kevin’s site.
so we have carolyn, roohi, farhan, raph and me. i’ve only seen raph once since graduation (right?) so it was awesome that he came down for the event. then there’s my family… the first time we’ve all been together since thanksgiving of 2005! talk about a celebration. awesome. and then here’s this pic of me sitting on a bar. i’m actually talking about what God has called me to do and how excited i am to have my friends partner with me. farhan, erin and michael also said a few words (very cool) and lorraine said a prayer. how often do you see 50 people with their heads bowed in prayer in a bar? note, this is a coffee bar too. still, fits well with the idea of Jesus in the marketplace. anyway, this was one of the most special moments of my life. thanks everyone.


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