minus one

my great grandmother, doris (dorie) hamilton, died friday at the age of 101. she is survived by two kids, 6 grandkids, and too many great grandkids to count (all of whom are really very cool). i wrote about dorie back in march during my visit to texas. the time i spent with her was very intentional and meaningful. i knew that particular goodbye was a bit weightier than past partings. still, it’s sad to know i won’t get to listen to her tell her stories anymore. i’ll miss writing her letters. i sent her a kangaroo postcard from australia, which my granddad took to the hospital last week and read to her. she thought the picture was funny. i’ll miss her reassuring reminders that she prays for me by name every night. prayer was really important to my great grandmother. and i believe she’s probably still talking to Jesus about me. and i think they probably laugh together too. here’s a pic of dorie at her 100th birthday last year… if you know her, you can tell by her expression she’s about to say something she thinks is pretty funny.

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