rockstar’s birthday

former baltimoron mollie, aka rockstar (and other nicknames i won’t publish here), whisked me away to denver last weekend. the timing was perfect, as she celebrated her birthday friday. we had dinner with her newly married friends anna and michael friday night, who taught me the glories of whatever that super popular guitar video game is. awesome. i’m a skeptic no more.

saturday we were supposed to hike just a short “2 miles” up to bear lake near mt. evans. now, having been in colorado for only a week, i was a little concerned about adjusting to the altitude… but i figured i could handle an easy 2 miles in and 2 miles out. after hiking for an hour, however, i began to question the distance in earnest. i didn’t ask for clarification, i just kept my slow pace and kept drinking water. turns out we were actually hiking about 5 miles in. ooooh. right. here’s the thing, though: if i had known the total distance would exceed 9 miles, i would have stayed home to read and write thank you notes. if i had known an hour into the hike that we were only half way to our destination, i might have turned around. lesson being, sometimes not knowing is a good thing. in this case, it kept me from underestimating myself. i wonder how many other times we could say that about life? my guess is, plenty. maybe that’s part of why God doesn’t give us the whole picture at once, as frustrating as that can be at times.

i also met a bunch of mollie’s “scum” friends… peeps she’s met through her church in denver, which is actually called “scum of the earth church.” the name comes from 1 corinthians 4:11-13. they take small groups to a whole new level, with names like “army of dorkness” (that’s the comic book club) and “we’re bad a everything” (full of people trying to get better at things). you can see pics of mollie’s friends (including her ex if you look closely at captions) in my summer album.

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