rocky mountain high

camp friends are the best

ah, camp. people look at me weird when i break out into the weenie man song, but kim know’s what’s up. kim and i worked at camp mystic together when i was in college. though we’ve probably only hung out a total of 2 months in our entire lives, we’ve been friends ever since. she was crazy enough to ask me to sing in her wedding nearly 3 years ago (i thought she was kidding till i saw my name listed as “ceremony soloist” on her wedding website!) and she and scott together were crazy enough to pick me up from colorado springs, drive back to boulder (where they live) friday night, drive 7.5 hours to durango saturday and back again sunday just so i could see my brother. granted, we got to see a lot of pretty country in between and they had wanted to drive to durango at some point anyway, but still… pretty darn gracious friends considering how rarely we get to see each other!! kim and scott are pictured in front of colorado dunes. i’m still not sure how all that sand got there.

farwell little bro

so stephen is working in durango for the summer and won’t return to virginia until after i’ve left for benin… meaning, this was goodbye. he’s living in a camper outside my uncle gerry’s house. it’s pretty sweet. you’d be surprised how nice a camper is on the inside. plus free meals from gerry and his wife vickie… yum… biscuits and gravy for breakfast. kim, scott, stephen and i went to pagosa springs sunday to hike around for a bit. stephen reminded me we had stayed there as little kids with my parents and grandparents before pierce was born (i think). we played in the paddle boats on the lake there. ah, memories. anyway, all this rambling is to say that my brother and i are really close and i’m going to miss him a lot. i love you stephen.

a few more pictures in my album.

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