why the bubble is not so bad… after thoughts of mti

i want to post a pic of my “missionary camp” buddies, but this is all i’ve got for now. felt like the blog needed some color.

one thing i’ve learned in my training this summer is that the best lessons are often not those found in the curriculum, so it’s good to have a ready mind and open heart. here are some snippets of self discovery…

1. i struggle with prejudice. not racially or culturally speaking, but within the context of the Church. you would think that having grown up in 5 different denominations, i’d have a pretty open mind… but it turns out i tend to pigeon hole peeps pretty quickly. drat.

2. i’m a proud person. i think i’m pretty darn smart, and i think i’m pretty darn nice. the worst part is, i think this sets me apart and i often think i know better than you. sorry about that.

3. i read the “great books” (classics, for the non-johnnies out there) more diligently and with more fervor than i do the Bible. this is ironic since the Bible is a great book (johnnie curriculum) and it’s unfortunate considering my career. it also means that many of my opinions are not my own or at least not properly thought through… which is exactly that which i look down on in others, being the proud intellectual that i am. thankfully, this can be remedied.

4. the bubble isn’t so bad. it’s no place to live, with people you share so much in common with, but it’s a good place to visit to gain perspective. not to mention, there’s actually quite a bit of diversity in said bubble.

i guess it could sound like i drank the kool-aid, or that i went out to colorado and picked up that whole guilt/shame bit… but no… knowing this stuff is actually pretty freeing. i mean, as you become more self aware, you’re bound to find both good and bad. right?

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2 thoughts on “why the bubble is not so bad… after thoughts of mti

  1. Andy says:

    Nice pic!I am with you about missionary camp. The lessons were good, but by far the best part of MTI was getting to chill with the community.1. We all have a tendency to. We don’t all recognize that we do. This is good that you do. Now you can continue to work on it.2. You are pretty darn smart and pretty darn nice. Don’t let it go to your head. I am sure you do know more than most people in many areas – But i guess that also means others might be smarter in other areas. I am kinda glad about that last statement!3. I wish more Christians would enjoy the great books. There is much to be learned from them. I have to agree with you. The Bible is a great book, indeed, I believe, the greatest. I guess we just need to digest it like we actually believe that.4. Nah, the bubble can actually be kinda good sometimes. Not only do I not want to live there for my life, but I think doing so would stall the expansion of the Kingdom. But if I want expand that Kingdom, I guess it is good to know what exactly I am expanding. The bubble helps with that.I am pretty sure i dont know what “drank the kool-aid” means! It was great talking with ya at the MTI. keep up the pursuit.

  2. Erin says:

    Mti means tree in swahili…so when I first started to read, I kept thinking you were going to be talking about trees….

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