bath tubs

i just discovered a bath tub in the house where i’m dog sitting. WOW!

and i’m using a much more posh internet cafe for the next 10 days than i usually get to enjoy, complete with a much faster connection… so i have successfully uploaded a few new pics to my photo gallery. i’ll highlight a few now…

this is one of my many roommates. he’s about 3 inches, in case you can’t tell. i call him gregor (i hope some of you can figure out why.)

this is my carpenter who works in a shack down the road. he was making my bed in this picture, which is waiting in storage for a home.

this is a navy guy and the benin flag on the navy boat that took us out “whale watching” (if you can call it that). you can see the city of cotonou in the background.


4 thoughts on “bath tubs

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is not honest from you. I think that they open their house for you and hosted you as they can, I guess that their offer to you the best they have. If you have geroges as frined is not your host frined, you can live in africa as in america, it so also the real fac eof mission pray that you will have your own place.

  2. lauren says:

    i don’t understand the above comment, but i’ll say that having “gregor” as a roommate is not to say ANYTHING bad about my hosts! it’s just a fact of life here! my hosts are amaaaazing! and yes, we’re all praying for a place.

  3. lauren says:

    okay, and maybe he wasn’t a FULL 3 inches 🙂

  4. Rob Baker says:

    Great photos! Whale-watching. Mmmmm…more like ‘watching lots of people barf over the side of a boat for three hours solid’. Happy times…

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