the constant state of itching somewhere between where your feet stop and legs start.

why, oh WHY do mosquitos like my ankles so?


3 thoughts on “mosquankles

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi lauren-this is the first time i’ve looked at your blog, but it’s so cool. i am so very proud of you and the work you are i’m wondering if you received my letter that i sent with our donation. my wonderful french students at whs each donated a dollar or more and we raised $200 to send to your organization in your name. i would love for you to write or email the kids a thank you note. i know it would mean so much to them. i am teaching them to look outside of their own lives and to give to others. each quarter we pick a charity and we chose you for first quarter. i hope that you are doing well! keep up the good work. you are truly amazing!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    ooops…forgot to ask you…when you write the kids…can you tell them what exactly it is you are doing and how their money will be used. they asked me to ask you that and i forgot to put that in my last email.xoxoHope

  3. lauren says:

    yfc forwards my mail once a month, so haven’t seen the letter yet, but will look for it soon! this is SO cool. you’re the best teacher ever… WHS is lucky to have you!! i’ll email you.

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