this and that

don’t have much time to update, so here are a few snippets:

1. i’m pink. had a great sunday in the sun with some girlfriends at what is likely benin’s nicest beach. i felt like i was in a different world! but alas, putting on sunscreen once just isn’t enough here. guess it beats the farmer’s tan i’ve been sporting for months!

2. today is my first day of teaching. i just taught a class at the english international school (just a one time deal on how to take notes and study, random) and my english language classes start tonight! i’m very excited to be back in the classroom.

3. still no apartment, but i’m buying furniture from one of my girlfriends moving back to the states this week… so i’ll be fully loaded once the apartment becomes a reality!

really, these could be 3 prayer requests… that i won’t peel, that class will go well tonight (and this week) and that i’ll have an apartment soooooooon!


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