best thanksgiving ever

okay… maybe that seems like an overstatement. i mean, i am millions (it feels like) miles away from my friends and family. i have even been admittedly miserable this entire week, wanting to cry about everything, and yet finding no tears.

and perhaps that is why today was the best thanksgiving ever.

just when i thought thanksgiving was going to be dreadful, it was awesome. just when i thought i’d have to make do with chicken, a platter of TURKEY and stuffing and gravy appears! and mashed potatoes! and pumpkin pie!

the only food items missing were pecan pie and duke of windsor sandwiches (made from leftover turkey, cheddar cheese and chutney… yum).

and while there’s no substitute for my family back home (i love you guys!) i did get to dine with a room full of really bright, really caring, really interesting people… including my adopted family.

and speaking of my adopted family… in true american fashion (even though my fam here is canadian), i went shopping this morning with kim. and bought Christmas presents. and wrapped them in Christmas paper. and listened to Christmas music.

AND my real family sent me a paper “Christmas tree in a box” that now stands about 2 feet tall in my borrowed apartment!

see… best thanksgiving ever. for real.

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One thought on “best thanksgiving ever

  1. KreativeMix says:

    awwwwww. cute tree…….lol

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