movin’ on up

well… i’ve moved! mostly. brian, kim, marianne and matt were all very helpful in moving all the furniture i bought a month ago from storage to my “compound.” see, my new home is actually 3 separate buildings… the main house (bedroom, bathroom, living room), the kitchen and the guest house (bedroom and bathroom). click here to see the virtual tour.

pictured are josue’s “mama,” me and isaac. we’re all pretty happy i finally have a place of my own!

it’s not yet a fully functioning home. i still need to get fans, a gas stove and gas tank, and a voltage stabilizer. tonight i’m staying at my friend melissa’s place one last time (thanks melissa!) i have LOVED staying here. great view and free internet! but tomorrow i’ll stay at my place, and yes, i have a guard, so don’t you worry!

so tomorrow will be a big day. lau’s first night staying in the compound. woohoo!

tomorrow is ALSO a big day because ALVIN is coming to town! YAY! alvin is working on his second book on eagle scouts and is traveling to benin to interview 4 scouts working for peace corps now. (more importantly, he is bringing my Christmas presents from my parents!) i’m very excited to see a friend from home. we’ll be traveling to the northernmost part of benin. it’s pretty much a symbiotic voyage. i’ll help alvin communicate and survive, while he’ll help me to see the rest of the country and potential ministry opportunities. please pray for our safety 🙂

okay, maybe a few too many exclamation marks in this post, but you’ll need the excitement to hold you over while i’m away this next week…


3 thoughts on “movin’ on up

  1. Susan says:

    Sweet pad!!! It is so pink. That is awesome. Nice work on the furniture too! It is nice to have a mental picture of your abode!

  2. You are so brave! I wish I could come visit — your place looks fantastic.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lauren-I am so excited for you!! The place is awesome.E

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