very surreal, very cool

so here i am in accra, ghana, staying at the SIM (missionary) guest house, and one of the peeps here mentioned that there are actually quite a few young adults here that get together pretty regularly… and would i be interested? hmmm… lau? social? why yes, of course!

just to be clear, i will italicize all surreal occurrences, as they would seem absolutely normal in any other context.

first, sherri (missionary) picked me up in her car and we drove on nice paved roads with street lights, traffic lanes and traffic lights. not one pot hole! not one motor bike! we arrived at stacey’s (navy) house, where we met up with 10 other peeps in their 20’s and 30’s, watching american television projected onto the wall. we watched 2 episodes of american idol while eating chinese take out. i even got to have a yuengling, as one of the military guys had just brought back 8 cases! next we watched live college basketball for a bit, the texas tech vs. oklahoma state game, to be precise. yes, that’s right! i, lau, in accra, ghana, got to see my home town of lubbock, tx, on live television! i called my granddad and left him a message, guessing he was at the game… and then… who should i see on tv, but my very own cousin blake! i squealed. i kid you not. then we watched pirates of the carribean 2 (a non-pirated version, for once), and then sherri drove me back to the guest house.

strange how such a normal, low-key night of socializing with people my own age and nationality could seem so foreign. and yet, i felt more “at home” in this room full of barely acquaintances than i’ve felt in months. and i didn’t even realize i hadn’t been feeling that way until i did feel that way, if that makes any sense at all. it was lovely.


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