gha-gha for ghana

cheesiest title ever? i think so.

but it’s true! this past week in ghana has been just right and totally unexpected. i have fallen into an awesome group of girls, all missionaries. it’s like accra is a breeding ground for single female missionary types… only we were all born elsewhere, and there’s actually no breeding whatsoever. but you catch my drift. pictured are me, margaret, sherri and erin.

we dined at the most amazing restaurant ever (or at least ever in my history of living in africa). i ordered sushi, which was a dietary necessity for me back in the day. i ate sushi at least once a week in charm city b’more. our friend john said he had been sick twice after eating sushi at this particular restaurant, but i figured my stomach is pretty much made of steel after eating street food for so long. sushi smooshy. no sickness here!

also pictured is a bit o’ black star pride. see, it’s the africa cup of nations, which happens to be hosted here in accra. peeps have been going absolutely crazy all week for ghana football (soccer) paraphernalia. this guy worked a little magic on his car with flags and masking tape. sadly, the black stars lost to cameroon tonight. the city is in mourning. wonder if that means i can buy a jersey at half price tomorrow?

in any case, ghana is lovely. most especially because of the people.


One thought on “gha-gha for ghana

  1. Erin says:

    Awesome that you got to eat Sushi!! I am so excited that you are getting the rest and relaxation you need and deserve!! Lots of love,Erin

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