leave me alone!

okay, i’m going on day 4 of being sick. but things are looking up. i don’t think it’s malaria, and that’s always good.

it started about 2am friday morning when i noted a “cool” breeze coming through my window–cool being below 80F. well that was enough to set a sinus infection in motion. my throat was sore all friday, but i was too busy to pay attention. saturday i couldn’t talk. i canceled class, popped a pill, pumped some nasal spray (yummy), and read an entire book in one sitting. sunday i did the same, but sans reading. i slept ALL day. and yet was exhausted enough to sleep through the night! today i continued sleeping till noon, when i finally left my cocoon of blue mosquito netting and got ready for a meeting with my “chief.”

what’s wrong with this picture? sounds like a normal bout of sickness to me… what gives?

oh, nothing, except that everyone and their grandma (or goat) was calling me every 5 minutes to ask how i’m doing! even my plumber called! and some random girl named maxi who works at the ice cream shop! seriously, i turned my phone off. at which point people starting coming to my house! like i want to get out of bed, put on something presentable, offer you drinks and talk for hours on end while my nose drips snot? mmmm…. no.

chalk it up to cultural differences.

word to the wise… when sick in benin… tell NO ONE!


One thought on “leave me alone!

  1. Susan says:

    Aw…hope you are feeling better soon Lau. They probably are worried that you were dragged into the bush by some crazy zemi driver. While it may drive you crazy, it is nice to know that people there watch out for you. They probably worry you don’t have family there to take care of you! Now they just need a lesson in how to make good chicken noodle soup and fresh squeezed OJ and you could harness all those inquiries to your benefit. Get well soon! BTW had a great yoga session yesterday!!

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