monkey business

there is a monkey loose in the neighborhood. not my neighborhood, but the neighborhood where i am currently residing while i dogsit my friend shiloh (who made his debut on youtube back in october). in any case… this monkey has been terrorizing the neighborhood for weeks now. it used to be pretty skittish, running off the moment i’d come to rescue the furiously barking weenie dog. but now it seems to be comfortable with the routine. the monkey is testing his limits.

for instance yesterday, the monkey sat on the porch and looked as if he was actually contemplating opening the door to come into the house.

and then this morning, when i tried to bring shiloh into the house, the monkey actually bared his teeth at me. i did what any dog-protecting missionary would do… and hit him with a rock. i’m pretty sure he’ll start throwing rocks back soon. he’s bold, and a quick learner. shucks.

somebody call PETA, because this is about to be war.


3 thoughts on “monkey business

  1. Susan says:

    Monkeys from a distance…love ’em…so cute. Monkeys up close…not a fan. Between monkeys that steal dinner right off your table to my friend’s monkey who bit me on the neck…not so cute anymore. 8 years and counting and I have no signs of ebola…phew!

  2. The monkey may start throwing rocks — if you’re lucky. Monkeys are known to throw something even LESS pleasant at times. It’s going to be an ugly war!

  3. kristy says:

    you crack me up!

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