i heart mail

i’ve received a few boxes and care packages in my time here… plus numerous letters. but the best package ever came last friday (ok… it actually arrived almost a month earlier, but that’s benin mail for you)!! yes, when it comes to snail mail gifts, jeff takes the cake. here are the brilliant contents:

8 issues of the economist and 3 time magazines
1 newspaper clipping concerning maryland politics
1 book: cheadle & prendergast’s not on our watch
2 letters (one was a christmas card)
4 cd’s! one each for thanksgiving, christmas, new years and valentines

the key to this gift being so awesome is that jeff actually made mix cd’s using music from what he knows to be my favorite radio station ever… 103.1 out of annapolis. dude, that is what i call thoughtful! score one for jeff.

other great packages have come from paige, christin, eric, aunt carole, ann, caroline, ron & ruth, mom & dad. i’ve received m&m’s, celebrity gossip magazines, books, dvd’s, christmas decorations and beautiful photos. thanks peeps!

and while i’m saying thank you’s… here’s the list of peeps that have sent letters: anna & jase, velasquez fam (complete with kids’ artwork!), leslie, maria, deseree, sally, alvin, and carolyn (and molly). i can’t remember who i’m forgetting… y’all are fabulous.

i love mail.


One thought on “i heart mail

  1. I only have one experience with sending mail to Benin — Cotonou, in fact. After 3 months, the package finally came back to me with an “insufficient address” message hand-written on it. The would-be recipient, however, swore that the address was correct. Perhaps there is a trick of which I was unaware.

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