bathroom humor

perhaps this is a bit off color for laurenlaughs… but i was in the paris airport yesterday (long story) and the bathrooms were just cracking me up. i walked into the ladies room in concourse E, near gate 90, and found that the doors to the stalls all made up a mural of white horses running wild. okay, whatever. interesting artwork, but nothing worth blogging over, right? oh, but then came the sound effects. yes, the speakers in the bathroom provided lovely “neigh!!!”ing and galloping noises for my listening pleasure. is this the frenchies’ idea of a joke? or is it to cover up other, er, less pleasant bathroom sounds? or perhaps some kind of new art… both audio and visual at once?

another funny thing… i ran into 2 friends from the cotonou salsa club in the paris airport. granted, we were all flying back to cotonou, but really… what are the odds?

and finally, i was flying next to a benin mama who kept asking the flight attendants for more chocolate or bread or anything she could then stash in her plastic baggy to take home to her family. ask and ye shall receive! i was glad the flight attendants were cool with her. she had a heart melting old lady smile.

and now i’m back in benin… for 2 weeks and 1 day… it’s not easy to say goodbye!


3 thoughts on “bathroom humor

  1. Many fashion trends originate in Paris. Perhaps that goes for bathrooms as well. It really is odd, though.So — what is next in your life? Will the blog continue post-Benin?

  2. lauren says:

    mais oui!the blog started long before benin.

  3. In light of your comment, I went all the way back to the 2/10/06 virginal post of this blog — just browsing, of course. Even flipping through quickly, I can easily see the reason for your title, “Lauren Laughs.” You seem to have a fun life, and I enjoy the occasional cyber-visit.

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