gatorade saved my life

so yesterday i thought i was about to die. granted, i get a tad bit dramatic when i’m sick… but really, i felt like death. i lay in my bed with a cold rag on my face thinking of how i’d have to say all my goodbyes from behind my mosquito net… that instead of leaving africa next wednesday, i’d be leaving this earth this weekend. whoa is me.

though i usually live by myself, i’m staying with a friend my last days here. she decided to work from home for the afternoon after seeing my sad state. eventually, i worked up the energy to go to the malaria clinic to get my finger pricked. results were negative. i went to my doctor friend’s house. she was concerned. i had a fever and really low blood pressure. she handed me gatorade and told me to call her in the morning.

well, i’m not 100% today, but i feel sooo much better. turns out “heat exhaustion” can really knock you out… and progresses to heat stroke and coma if you don’t treat it with… gatorade. i’m under strict orders to stay indoors and lay low… which i’m not obeying… but i am wearing a baseball cap for the first time since i moved to benin. that should do the trick. i can’t spend my last days here indoors!!!

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One thought on “gatorade saved my life

  1. lauren says:

    and by whoa… i meant woe. maybe.

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