first impressions

i’ve been back in the US about a week now. i don’t really feel like i’ve moved back, since i’ve done nothing but visit old stomping grounds. i won’t actually move anywhere for a few more weeks, which allows me to suspend reality just a bit longer. right now the weirdest things i notice are the fact that my clothes are in the dryer instead of hanging on a line… that i can heat up my tea water in the microwave… that i can plug my computer into any electrical socket without worrying about sizzles and pops. and i really like to drive.

the two biggest changes concerning my closest friends are these: erin and brian have a son named keegan, and christina and andy are engaged to be married. both very exciting things.

this is my first real face-to-face time with keegan, my first sort-of nephew. we’d skyped a few times while i was in africa, but nothing makes up for the smell and feel of holding a baby. we’re going to be best friends. though i’ll admit, since i missed most of erin’s pregnancy, it seems more like keegan just showed up… not like he was birthed by one of my best friends. the stork brought him.

then there’s christina and andy… who have been dating since i introduced them about 4 years ago. i cried when she told the story of how andy asked her to be his wife. she cries every time she tells it. the three of us spent the weekend in lex for our college reunion.

before heading to lex, christina took me to her stylist in b’more… seeing as i hadn’t cut my hair in over a year. wearing dresses and letting my hair down… that’s culture shock.

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2 thoughts on “first impressions

  1. Leslie says:

    is your tan gone already?? at least your hair is still very blonde! hope you are well!

  2. Erin says:

    you look fantastic…and are the greatest auntie ever

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