hello south

after a month of US travels and adventures (college reunion, texas family, preakness race, awesome baseball, lots of coffee, tea and conversation)… i’ve picked up my roots and moved back down south. and by south i mean–i have a huge magnolia tree in my front yard and even the gas stations are closed on sundays.

i still have no car, and i’m in no rush to get one, as i can walk or bike to most places. that’s awesome.

i have no tv or internet at home, and i think that will remain the case as well. it’s nice to disconnect at times.

my house is huge, and it took me an hour to sweep and mop just the upstairs last night. tonight i’ll tackle the downstairs.

don’t let my evening cleaning escapades deceive you… i do have a bit of a social life gaining momentum daily. it’s a small world.

work is too cool. i wear flip flops every day!!

i’m may go back to school this fall (nothing major) at a seminary down the road, still in walking distance.

the ymca (in biking distance) is huge and cheap and even has dry cleaning services.

there are 2 libraries in walking distance, as well as a grocery store, bank and pizza place.

people couldn’t be friendlier.

lets hope something crazy happens soon so my blog will be interesting again!


2 thoughts on “hello south

  1. What part of “down south” are you in? I’ve lived in SC, KY and now Florida (sort of the south), and have found life to be very varied depending on where you are. I look forward to your observations. Also would like to hear about seminary life since I left seminary some time ago — may go back some day.

  2. lauren says:

    las carolinias… i’m not in seminary yet!

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